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Don't miss these upcoming productions that JILL

is involved with!

The new short film, SHADE, by Devin Cutter and Andrew Di Cristina, and featuring Ron Holmstrom and Jill Bess premiered as a finalist in the

San Jose International Short Film Festival. 


Jill is cast as Aurora, in the upcoming all Alaska based TV Pilot SPREAD EAGLE, created, written and directed by Alaska's own Jeffry Silverman.  The show takes place in the fictional town of "Spread Eagle" Alaska, and is chock full of some of Alaska's favorite actors!  The show is in development now.  More news coming soon!

          RKP Productions & 

           Cyrano's present:

The Old Woman Who Lost Her Voice -

           a modern day fairy tale

            "No princess. No dwarves.

                    No wicked witches.

                   Just an old woman,

               searching for her voice."​​

              June 21-July 7, 2019

                Cyrano's Theatre


The Frozen Ground

Don't miss Jill's debut film role in THE FROZEN GROUND, starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens. 

You can see the movie now on Netflix and Amazon Prime!