Read & scroll below to see what audience members are saying about The Old Woman Who Lost Her Voice, by Jill Bess. 

​​​"Absolutely loved this play & honestly think one of the finest works written by an Alaskan & destined for national attention."

"LOVED this play. Have been “replaying” the arguments between the young couple - EXCELLENT! It needs to go to NYC."

"...a fiercely feminist take on fractured fairy tales that is mellifluously meta."

"Wow! This play. I was so incredibly impressed by the writing, the story, the direction, the amazing cast, and the surprises!"

"I laughed, I cried, I cringed, and I felt things deeply in a way that I rarely am inspired to."

"Wildly meta, 'The Old Woman Who Lost Her Voice' is a groundbreaking piece of local theater"

Anchorage Press - June 30, 2019


"This is my favorite theatrical experience of all time as an audience member. An amazing and beautiful new play...
Hands down one of the most thought provoking, “emotional”, and strongest stories I’ve ever watched in the Theatre."

"Wow! I am amazed!" 


"Thank you so much for your kind and brilliant words in the play. I keep thinking about how wonderful it is."

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