Jill is excited about recently opening her own private acting studio.  Alaska True Acting Studio offers group classes in the Meisner Method of Acting, weekend workshops on Audition Technique and Scene Study, and private coaching.  Jill first studied Meisner in Los Angeles 30 years ago and fell in love with the method. In the summer of 2013 Jill finished a two-year summer intensive and received her acting and teaching certification in the Meisner Method under the direction of Master Teacher Larry Silverberg of the True Acting Institute. 

For more information about upcoming classes OR private coaching you can contact JILL at  907-250-3633, or email her at the link on this page.


In addition to regular classes, guest artist events are in the works, with guest instructors from NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Don't miss these exciting upcoming events.  Contact Jill and get on her list TODAY!

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